Nathaniel Bassey launches luxury apartments in Lagos

Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, on 3 October in Lekki, Lagos, led three other ministers to perfect the ground breaking of Cedarwood Luxury Apartments and Terraces powered by PWAN Plus and Business Concerns.

For the Managing Director of the leading estate real estate outfit, Dr. Julius Oyedemi and his hardworking staff, the day was a mixture of spirituality and an occasion for showers of accolades as Pastor Nathaniel released some sounds of jubilee and pronounced aggressive anointing on the PWAN Plus squad.

Perfecting the ground breaking, the gospel artiste also eulogised Dr. Oyedemi describing him as a Christian brother who takes special interest and care of other people’s business with a high sense of responsibility.

During an interview with journalists, Dr. Oyedemi said that until Lagos State regulates it’s burgeoning real estate sector, the state government would continue to loose huge income that should accrue to it from the sector.

He expressed the view in support of Lagos State government’s recent expression of intention to regulate the real estate sector in the state.

He said: “It’s a dream come true, a good one. You cannot overlook the real estate industry in Nigeria, especially in a place like Lagos where we have over 20 million people occupying the land space. There are housing deficits, I learn from a reliable source that real estate is contributing a little to the GDP of Lagos State.”

Dr. Oyedemi, however, added that if there is a properly regulation of what he described as “the robust activities of estate developers in the state, real estate contribution to the state’s GDP would definite increase far and above what it’s currently doing.

He believes that the current showing is infinitesimal; and attributable to poor data collation regarding real estate activities and players in the state.

He noted that, “What this (regulation) will do is that the state government can collate the data of all players in the state; data will also be available and it can also improve the state’s revenue generation from the real estate sector.”

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